Hi, I'm Andy

I have a positive can-do approach (basically, I'm always dead happy), an understanding of technical requirements and experience delivering great images. Elements Photography was created so I could follow my passion of creating.

I am fortunate enough to have worked with awesome celebrated brands, and to be published in print and web. 

With over ten years experience behind the camera, shooting all sorts from weddings and christenings to portraits and newborns; I found a true passion workin with still life. Working with products, food & drink is where I love to be, creating images that make you want.

When not working I love to travel to the middle of nowhere and shoot landscapes at sunset/dusk and the milky way at night. Armed with a flask of coffee and big bag of peanut m&m's.

My favourite food is anything that goes with red wine and I can survive a whole day on coffee alone!

Cool brands I've worked with:

The Ice Cream Farm
Richard Lang & Son
Short + Stout

Old Dukes
The Yard
The Nature Doc
Sticky Paws Restaurants

Home & Garden
Bodhi Tree Wellness
Bao Revolution
Oscha Slings
Eclectic Lifestyle Company

I am a quality focused, creative solution for your photographic needs.

I bring your brand to life with photography.

I will work in collaboration with you to understand your goals and unleash your vision. Whether it's your latest advertising campaign, rebranding or highlighting your products across social media, I aim to provide the utmost professional solution that delivers results

Extended Family

As well as little old me I also work with a network of industry professionals.

Should you have a specific need for a shoot then let's chat and see what we can do together.