Personal Session
(Perfect for Entrepreneurial / Social / Branding Content)

A perfect way to capture your personality and represent who your are doing what you love.

We can shoot in a place of your choosing or I can choose from tried and tested locations.

Prior to our shoot we would have a telephone or video chat (it's your call) to discuss what you'd like to get out of the shoot and plan ideas in advance. It's also a good opportunity to just have a natter and get to know each other.

On the day of our shoot we'll meet up and follow our plan of action. We will also have plenty of opportunity to improvise and get the best out of our session.

90 Minutes | Five Retouched Digital Prints


Corporate Session
(Ideal for Corporate / PR / Commercial Content)

Designed for businesses who want to capture their teams and celebrate what they do.

This package is great for PR, company websites, social media content and more.

Prior to our shoot we would schedule a video meeting to discuss what we need to acheive on shootday and plan key shots in advance. It's a good opportunity to ask questions and for me to .understand your culture and personalities.

On the day of our shoot we'll meet up 15 minutes prior and run through our plan. Of course there will also be time to try shots we may think of mid shoot.

Four Hours | Selected Images